Meet Our Instructors


Jai Singh

Having lived in India for a majority of his life, Jai has been practicing yoga since his childhood. After moving to Canada in 2016, Jai noticed how so many people are burdened and weighted down with hectic lifestyles, stress, depression or anxiety. It was at this time Jai felt his calling to become a yoga instructor to help people feel at peace and one with their mind and body.

Jai is a CYA-RYT-200 hours certified yoga instructor with a passion for hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, kundalini yoga and pranayama.

Often times, our mind is elsewhere, running astray. To address this, all of Jai's yoga workshops and classes have a focus on unifying the mind with the body, leaving us feeling strengthened, whole, complete and connected.

With Jai's extensive knowledge about Hindu and Buddhist mythology, attending Jai's class becomes a transformative experience.

Joanna Griffin - Yoga Instructor at Jai Yoga Studio

Joanna Griffin

Joanna is a 500hr Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher. She completed her trainings with Yogacara Global. She completed her initial 200hr Hatha and Vinyasa training in Whistler in 2015 and an additional 300hr training in Bali in 2017. She also completed a 50hr Yin Yoga certification with Bernie Clark at Semperviva in 2016.

Joanna's classes are inclusive and cultivate a space for grounding. She strives to establish a sense of balance in the body through the concept of sthira and sukha, strength and ease. Her yoga practice and teaching is slow and mindful, giving time to curiously learn from the body and the breath within each pose and transition. The creation of such a space gives the student the opportunity to develop a deeper awareness of their own bodies and to recognize that they truly are their own best teacher and guide as they start to listen inwards.

Joanna is passionate to share what she is learning from her own yoga journey and truly believes that the time spent on our mat ripple outwards into our daily life.

Christine King - Yoga Instructor at Jai Yoga Studio Coquitlam

Christine King

Christine found the practice of yoga in 2013 and spent a few years doing yoga on and off. After debating on taking Yoga teacher training for years, she finally went ahead and booked herself on an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training course in 2017.

She took her teacher training with The Yoga People in London, England where she was living at the time. Taking this course was the best decision she’s ever made. Although it was a challenging experience, she learned so much and it really fueled her interest in yoga and everything that it encompasses.

Her passion is in helping her students find balance on and off their mat. She teaches in a light-hearted manner and loves playing with both yin and yang in her classes.

When practicing with Christine, you can expect a diverse class with a focus on grounding and working with meditation. Her intention is to have her students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed.

Luce Calderon Yoga Instructor at Jai Yoga Studio Coquitlam

Luce Calderon

Due to her past commitment with field hockey, soccer, competitive dance & cheer-leading, Luce knows the challenges one faces when taking up competitive sports. It was this consistent need of flawlessness & perfection that truly tested her psychological and physical limits. When these aspect began taking a toll on her life that is when Luce discovered yoga.

She found yoga has the capabilities of offering endurance, strength, flexibility & peace of mind. In fact, she was pleased to notice her body was feeling much stronger and less injury prone. With this in mind, upon returning from serving a humanitarian mission in Peru, she decided to complete her 200 hr yoga certification.

Luce wanted to share what she learned to others and prove yoga, with its various flavours, is for everyone! Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi Luce offers a class with an appropriate challenge to keep you happy and healthy!

Gillian Kirk Yoga Instructor at Jai Yoga Studio in Coquitlam

Gillian Kirk

Gillian Kirk is a Registered Massage Therapist who has been practicing yoga for more than two decades. A long-time student of traditional Indian-style yoga, she teaches Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga from the Sri Vidya lineage.

Gillian’s exploration into traditional yoga began in 2004 when she was living in Taipei, Taiwan where she began practicing Atmavikasa Traditional Hatha Yoga. Before moving home to Canada, she spent 6 months studying yoga in India. In India, she spent several weeks practicing in a small village yoga shala (yoga centre) in Chennai, then living for a month in Prashanti Kutiram Ashram, a Yoga University where she received her first yoga 200 hour instructor’s certificate. She spent her last two months in India at Atmavikasa School of Yoga in Mysore, the birthplace of modern yoga.

Gillian believes that yoga is so more than the asana classes we typically experience in the West. Ultimately, the purpose of yoga is to connect us more deeply to our spirit and show us how to become the most luminous, radiant version of ourselves.


Courtney Underhill

Courtney is a 500-hour Yoga alliance registered teacher and Personal Trainer. She completed 500-hour Hatha and Ashtanga training in Rishikesh, India, earlier this year.

The moment Courtney attended her first yoga class, she found the love and passion for it very quickly. It was at that moment she knew that her heart felt the happiest when sharing the gift of yoga to others. Going to India for her teacher training was an eye-opening and amazing experience, where she was taught right from the birthplace of yoga and yoga philosophy.

Courtney is passionate in helping her students finding peace, joy and bliss on and off their mat. Her yoga classes start with a blissful heart opening hatha flow, leading to a relaxing flow ending with pranayama and meditation. Her intention is to help her students feel safe in her class and have them end the class with a smile, and leaving class learning something new that will also help them off their mat in everyday life.


Lisa Haroldson

As a child of ballet, Lisa began yoga as a way to maintain fitness and flexibility in a relatable art form, but quickly discovered it was more than just a workout!

She began her yoga teacher training because although she enjoyed the regular classes, she missed learning about the technical details that she was accustomed to in ballet and wanted to be able to master the poses. During her training, not only were her wishes of learning proper pose alignments fulfilled, but she found that she loved learning about the yogic philosophy and it’s wonderful teachings.

Lisa teaches now knowing that she can pass on these gifts not only for the body but more importantly the mind and the soul.

Lisa enjoys making her classes flow like a dance and her intuitive understanding of the body allows her to create classes that are well balanced and leave you coming out feeling relaxed and refreshed. She hopes to see you in class!

Leanne Buck Yoga instructor at Jai Yoga Studio Coquitlam

Leanne Buck

Yoga became a significant part of Leanne’s life five years ago when she decided that living with pain in her wrists, knees, and hips was no longer an option. With patience and consistent practice, Leanne increased her strength, flexibility, and joint mobility to the point that she became pain-free. Her practice turned into passion and she decided to obtain her Yoga Teacher certification this past year.

Leanne is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered Teacher. Her Wanderlust hatha training provided a solid foundation of traditional asana methods, pranayama, and yoga philosophy. She has an excellent understanding of body mechanics, restorative postures, the art of adjustments, and contemporary vinyasa sequencing.  Her teaching style blends dynamic movement with mindful strengthening and soothing relaxation that is both personal and empowering.

Leanne balances family life with business life, social life, the enjoyment of staying active, and travelling. At the heart of it all is indeed her yoga practice - the self care and the thread that binds everything together.

Rachael Hunter yoga instructor at jai yoga studio in coquitlam

Rachael Hunter

Rachael tried her first yoga class in 2008 and began a regular practice shortly thereafter.  She was immediately drawn to the introspective nature of the practice and the sense of self-reliance and strength that it elicited within her.  It quickly became one of her most valuable tools for building a healthy relationship with the self and moving through life with greater intention and ease.  Rachael increasingly found that after practice she felt centered, whole and radiant - and these are the qualities that she hopes to share with her students. 

In her classes, Rachael is passionate about sharing the deeper philosophical reasons for practice, celebrating the movements and sensations of the body, and slowing down to explore the internal world of one’s self more fully.  She serves as a guide, helping students to look inwards, discover what feels best in their body, and connect with their own intuition so that ultimately they can become their own teachers.

Rachael is inspired daily by the beautiful, sometimes terrifying, and utterly mysterious dance of life.

Jessica Wild yoga instructor at the jai yoga studio coquitlam

Jessica Wild